About Us

Sudana School was founded in 1991. The need for quality oriented and value based education is felt by the people at all levels of society today, to face the tough competition in various walks of life. Such an education calls for a schooling which goes beyond the boundaries of text books and includes exposure to arts, crafts, skills, moral instructions and the latest technologies.

In short, the need is felt more strongly than ever before, for a truly comprehensive education system which will systematically contribute to the all-round development of child’s personality. In such a setting, a school like Sudana Residential School has a great role to play.

We provide a lush, green environment including flower garden and a mini zoo with pets which makes children feel happy at school. We assure them a serene atmosphere which helps them learn from the nature being amidst the nature. On the quality front, Sudana strives hard to bring out the child’s various talents through activities and exposures.


"If a man is known by the company he keeps, being associated with the best is a privilege for an Institution". We are happy therefore, to be associated with a school that has consistently produced excellent results in all spheres. In a world that emphasizes the need of specialization, particularly for the student community education becomes vital. Therefore our school has endeavored to train, groom and bring to bloom the various aspects of students’ individual traits. Yet in this process of development, everybody associated in the going of sudana plays a role of importance. And there we go in a team….,

Hierarchy of the School Management Board

Correspondent : Rev. Vijaya Harvin
Pastor, Sudana Church.
Secretary : Dr. Peter Wilson Prabhakar
Principal, Vivekananda College Puttur
Vice –President : Rev. G.T. Malekar
Pastor, Shanthi Church Madikeri.
Treasurer : Rt.  Oscar Anand
Omega Electricals, Bolwar, Puttur, D.K
Members : Rev. Edwin Walter
: Mr. Christopher Maben
: Mrs. Sylvia D’souza
: Mr. Roy David
: Mr. Naveen Kumar Huns
: Mr. Susheel Kumar
: Mrs. Praveena Grace
: Mrs. Sharmila Gladies
Academic Advisor : Dr. Madhav Bhat
Headmistress : Mrs. Shobha Nagaraj
P.T.A President : Sri Mamachan K And the members of the support committee.
Asst. Pastor : Rev. Benedict Anchan
Asst. Headmistress : Mrs. Vinutha
Co-ordinators : Mrs. Vinaya
: Mrs. Gayathri
: Mrs. Prathima
: Mrs. Lavina Roselin Huns
: Mrs. Amrithavani
: Mr. Pushparaj
  • The qualified team of Teachers and Non-Teachers.
  • President, Secretary and members of our Alumni S.S.S.A.
  • Thousands of our senior students in and out of the country.
  • The present dear students from K.G. to X Std and their parents, are all on the go to make the Sudana Institution the best of it’s kind in all spheres.

Sudana is a Protestant Christian Minority institution. On cards of inception since 1990-91 the Kinder Care, 1993-94 1 std. and in 2000-2001 High School section. So far we have sent out 11 batches of S.S.L.C and the twelfth one is setting ready as per the New C.C.E Systems. All these years we have maintained 98% to 100% results of the school. And we expect it’s best in this year too. In sports, cultural talents and science activities like Science Model, Projects, debates, dramas, science congress, Inspire awards, I.T., Fine Arts, science and prathibakaranji ect, various such opportunities have been won by our students from the Taluk to International levels.

We believe in the collective & quantitative team work. We wish the more and more of success for Sudana to shine on our endeavours.