A Note from the Correspondent

Sudana began as a vision to provide “Education for Enlightenment” 25 years ago. That Vision evolved from a single class of 18 Kindergarten children to a fully fledged, 1400+ strong, English medium school with Kindergarten, Primary, Higher Primary and High school sections.

The large 9 acre manicured forest campus holds the large play ground, Open Air Theatre Stage, classroom buildings, Bank, Minihall and Multipurpose hall, Boys Hostel, Cafeteria,Mini Zoo, Cowsheds, Horse Stable, Hydroponic Greenhouse, Herb Garden. The campus buildings are protected from wind and sun by large shady, flowering and fruit bearing trees.

Our campus supports Go-Green initiatives as described below:

  • The cattle produce milk that is supplied to our cafeteria and hostel. The surplus is in turn sold to milk processing units.
  • Vegetable by-products from the cafeteria are used to feed the cattle.
  • Waste generated by the cattle fuels the biogas plant, which in turn supplies up to 65 % of the gas required for the cafeteria cooking needs. Excess waste is sold as fertilizer.
  • Our campus also has fodder cultivation in the form of regular and Hydroponic Greenhouse cultivation.
  • Energy needs in campus are further reduced by thermal and Solar Energy unit’s setup across the campus.

The healthy and peaceful environment here is highly conducive for studies and the multitude of extra-curricular activities undertaken within the campus.

Classes are equipped with SmartClass interactive systems. Our faculty are well trained and highly responsive to children’s needs .The activities here give high priority for better opportunities in schooling generation after generation of bright young minds. A note of appreciation must be made to our members of the teaching and non-teaching staff. Their dedication and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to educate and enlighten our students, has a 360 degree sphere of appreciation.

Activities are distributed among multi-dimension teams such as the 7 Activity clubs for Science(Avani), IT (Dristhi), Fine Art (Prathibha),Literacy ( Lahari), Social (Jagruthi), Interact (Spandana), Sports (Shakthi), and the 4 student squads of Spoorthi, Deepthi, Jyothi, and Keerthi.

Student representatives are elected on the same democratic principals as our great nation. SPL, ASPL, SPS are all elected and selected through students council elections. Students from 5th to 10th elect their representatives by vote. Portfolios and duties are assigned. Their responsibilities are monitored and discussed in regulated school parliament sessions.

It is indeed no surprise that our students have won laurels in the fields of IT, Fine Arts, Sports and Games, Scouts and Guides as well as distinguishing themselves by joining the Armed Forces. They have made their presence known in district, state, national and International events ranging from Academia to Sports.

To All, I welcome you to Sudana, where education is not just a service to be rendered unto children. Education here is a calling that imbues those that answer, with a passion for life and the drive to live life to our greatest potential.

Rev.Vijaya Harvin