Co Curriculam

Classical, Semi Classical, Folk and Contemporary dance classes, Sangeeta classes, various instrumental classesare attended by the students after the school hours. Cultural excellence is the forte of Sudanites.

A step towards self defense. Karate provides the need of the day to the students to face the problems in the present day world.

School Clubs:
To develop the team spirit and group work and to broaden the horizon of the students and to put into practice what they learn, Sudana has following clubs.
Sudana Fine Arts Clubs – Prathibha
Sudana Eco Club – Avani
Sudana Science club – Anveshana
Sudana IT club – Drishti
Sudana Social Club – Jagrathi
Sudana Sports Club – Shakthi

These clubs will encourage the students to inculcate unity and integration among the students and to bring awareness of tradition and culture of our country.
Independence day
Karnataka Rajyothsava
Teacher’s day
Children’s day
Sports day
Annual Day
Convocation day
Major festivals of our country and Important days

School Band:
The school has its own junior and senior “Band set Troops”. Students are taught to play trumpet , flute, Drums etc. The band set troops are used during all the r ceremonial functions of the school and concerned departments on demand.

Medical Checkup:
The school monitors the height and weight of every child regularly and yearly medical examination is done to check their physical fitness.

Parent Teacher Meet:
Twice in a year parents meeting will be called. This will enable the parents and teacher to understand each other.